Join us at SF Professional


For us, it is all about relationships. Whether you are considering joining our community or interested in employment opportunities, for us it all starts with getting to know each other personally. Where organisation are usually focused on determining whether you might have some interesting skills or value to offer, we much prefer instead to focus on who you are. Everyone has value! We find building a good relationship is much more important.

Step 1: No CVS

We are not interested in you CV. We find CVs to have very limited value and would rather spend the time getting to know each other. Instead of a CV we have a questionnaire where you can tell us about yourself: What drives you? What gets you up in the morning?

Step 2: a short Zoom call

After youve filled out our questionnaire we will get in touch with you and plan a half hour to have a relaxed conversation. We will also discuss the next steps. Again, we will not discuss your CV.

Step 3: Meet&Greet

By now you've probably notice getting to know each other is really important to us. That is why we frequently organise Meet&Greet days at our office.

At our Meet&Greet we share, together with you and other like-minded people, our way of working, our goals and principles and the way we run SF Professionals.

We also have a couple of exercises to get a feel for you as a Professional - how you approach your work. A great way of getting to know you better! And, I'm sure you can guess by now - no CV!

By the end of the day we will usually have a pretty good idea of who you are, and we hope you will also have a good idea of who we are!

Step 4: And what next?

The final step is to figure out what our future together will be. Do you want to become a member of our community and if so, what role do you see for yourself? Or are you inspired with our Agile approach and want to learn how to become an Agile professionals? Or would you like to join us as an employee and contribute to our vision that way? We will figure it out together.