Our journey to becoming an SF Professional


For us hiring new recruits is a process of getting to know each other personally, without the usual formal elements like CVs and such. Where organisation are usually focused on determining whether there is a match, we prefer instead to have our future employees decide for themselves whether they see us as a match.

Step 1: No CVS

We are not interested in you CV. We see CVs as a waste of time and would rather spend the time getting to know each other. Instead of a CV we have a questionnaire where we explore your motivation. For us, motivation is much more important than your employment history. We believe in "“hiring on attitude, training on skills”.

Step 2: a short Zoom call

After you've filled in our questionnaire we will get in touch with you and plan a half hour to have a relaxed conversation. We will also discuss the next steps. Again, we will not discuss your CV.

Step 3: Meet & Greet

By now you&apo;ve probably notice getting to know each other is really important to us. That is why we frequently organise Meet & Greet days at our office.

At our Meet & Greet we share, together with you and other like-minded people, our way of working, our goals and principles and our financial situation. Our employees will tell you about how they experience working for SF Professionals. And we will tell you about our 2-page contract.

We also have a couple of exercises to get a feel for how you handle yourself at work. A great way of getting to know you better! And, I'm sure you can guess by now - no CV!

By the end of the day we will usually have a good idea of who you are, but you will also have enough information to decide whether SF Professionals is for you!

Step 4: Our Contract

If we are both enthusiastic, we will give you a copy of our 2-page contract for you to fill out. It is up to you to fill it in in whatever way fits with your situation! As soon as you send it back to us we will pass it to our accountant so he can do the necessary calculations to see if we have a financial fit. After that we will have one final chat to discuss the fit with full transparency.

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Step 5: SF Professional

If all works out, you decide when you want to start with your first assignment. We will then start looking for your first supercool assignment as soon as possible. And of course, we will do our best to do that without your CV (a tough challenge, but one we've managed to pull off quite often).